• Succulents are primarily native to hot, arid climates, they have fleshy leaves which can store water enabling the plant to survive through periods of drought. There are however a few exceptions which live happily in semi-shade and humid conditions, such as Rhipsalis. So make sure you know which succulent variety you have. 

• Predominantly speaking then, most succulents prefer a bright spot in a dry atmosphere. In mild UK climates most types of succulent can stand being outdoors in the warmer months, but always bring inside over Winter. In these colder months, most succulents can also withstand direct sun, so position in the brightest spot at this time. 


• As a general rule, allow the compost to almost dry out between watering.  The time it takes to dry out will be affected by the plant type, position, climate, season and pot size amongst other things so watering regimes will need to be determined on an individual basis. Bear in mind that all succulents will more regularly dry out in Spring and Summer - the growing season, so don't neglect your plant too much at this time.

• In Winter, succulents have a period of dormancy so leave them to almost dry out completely and position in the brightest spot. Resume more regular watering in the Spring and re-pot if necessary at this time. 

• Feed in the growing season with an all purpose plant food once every 2-3 weeks.