Parlour Palm

• Indoor palms are vibrant and sculptural with vertically growing evergreen stalks and fronds. they are fairly slow growers as house plants and originate from both arid and tropical climates. In general, palms do not like having their roots disturbed so only repot when absolutely necessary and with some care. They thrive best when their roots are slightly potbound.

• Position in a bright spot, but never in direct sunlight. Palms often do well in spaces where there is natural humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. The compost should be kept fairly evenly moist all year round, but never waterlogged. Make sure to spray the leaves frequently to create additional humidity.

• Feed every 2-3 weeks in the growing season (Spring - Summer) with an all purpose plant food. 

• In winter make sure your palms are in temperatures above 10'C. Some more tropical palms prefer much warmer temperatures over the winter period.