Asparagus Fern • Asparagus Densiflorus & Setaceous

LIGHT Prefers bright, indirect light, will tolerate slightly lower light levels.

WATERING Water well then allow to dry out slightly between watering. This will be more frequent in the warmer, active growing months (Spring and Summer) so adapt your watering patterns accordingly.

HUMIDITY Enjoys a slightly humid environment, this is especially important in our artificially heated homes in the Winter.

FEEDING Benefits from regular feeding every 3-4 weeks during the growing season. We recommend organic liquid tomato food.

COMPOST Use regular, moisture retentive potting mix.

INTEREST Indoor ferns are evergreen foliage plants which do not produce flowers or seeds. Some originate from tropical and subtropical climates, but you also find many from more temperate climes. The former types do well in warmer spaces - whereas the latter do much better in cooler temperatures. All ferns love moisture and don't enjoy drying out. Finding the best combination of light, moisture and temperature is the key to a happy fern.