Swiss Cheese Plant • Monstera Deliciosa

• Monstera Deliciosa is an easy to care for house plant with characteristically large, perforated leaves and thick stems. In nature they support themselves on other vegetation, producing long arterial roots from the stem to supplement this support. In a home context, the bigger the plant gets the more these roots need to anchor themselves to something to help keep the plant stable - this is why you often see Swiss Cheese plants trained up a mossy pole. It is possible to keep the plant happy without a support though, you will need a good size space though as these plants can spread wide. 

• They are fairly low maintenance, preferring a fairly bright position out of direct sunlight, warm temperatures and high humidity. For this reason they do exceptionally well in warm, steamy bathrooms. The compost needs to be well draining and a slight period of drying out between watering is best. You can feed regularly throughout the year to keep the nutrient level high and re-potting is required every year or two when the plant is young. For more mature plants, every Spring replace the top two inches of old compost with fresh. Remember to keep those big leaves dust free. 



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