Air Plant • Tillandsia

• Air plants, or Tillandsia are types of plants that do not need soil to survive; they collect nutrients from the air through tiny hairs on their leaves instead of up through the roots like other plants. They are a low maintenance type of house plant offering a multitude of creative ways to be displayed. 

• In general, bright, indirect light is preferred, with good air circulation and some humidity. Bathrooms and kitchens often make great spaces for air plants because of the natural humidity in the air. 

• Soak or spray once a week from Spring - Autumn, if hot and dry in the Summer mist more occasionally. Water more sparingly in the Winter months and don't expose to temperatures below 8'C. If soaking, place your air plant in a bowl of water and leave for a half an hour. 

• In hard water areas, distilled or rain water is best for watering.